FreeWall Ad Premium

• Never such a marketing medium was created to engage readers so eloquently

• The software provides content to an audience with a proven desire to learn more

• FreeWall® is a catalyst, instead of being an interruption

• Advertisers creates conversations to learn about the participants (users)

FreeWall Premium Ad

This is one of the most innovative and most fun ways to make your brand. FreeWall Premium Ad is a revolutionary method used to better call your target.

Indeed, when the user is browsing the website - during his reading - a FreeWall Ad Premium appears with a list of questions to answer with multiple answers. This question normally has a direct link with the brand or company. If the user finds the right answer, he is in other words rewarded by an embeded video.

 The advantages of Free Wall Ad Premium

• This new form of advertising promotes fun aspect

• It helps to build / reinforce the brand awareness

• It brings novelty to user experience

• Resists software such as Ad Block

• Fully responsive: It fits on all kinds of platform (Desktop, Mobile etc.)

• FreeWall The Server allows the assembly of data and display the total number that appears FreeWall Ad Unit to a user.

• At the heart of FreeWall® is an exchange value proposition between the publisher, the public and the advertiser. FreeWall® ensures that all stakeholders are rewarded.

• The user gets access to premium content for free

• The advertiser wins to engage with their audience and educate selected on their brand or product

• Publishers have access to richer data and can monetize their content more effectively.

FreeWall® ultimately allows brands to leverage the power of commitment to educate and reward their audiences while being able to receive valuable information at the same time. FreeWall® generates single data to qualify subsequent tenders sharpen targeting and increase return on investment expenses related to advertising.

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