l’express Dimanche

• Provided in 20,000 copies, l’express Dimanche is distributed in 700 points of sales

• A summary of the political, social and economic events highlighting sport

• The publication affects a large population base

l'express Dimanche is a tabloid, full of various articles that meet the multiple expectations of readers, namely: recreation, calendar, cultural events, outings and special offers among others. A TV program schedule is also attached to it, highlighting a selection of movies, to help readers plan their evenings.


The characteristics of l'express Dimanche

·         The publication provides a broad range of sports content 

·         l'express Dimanche, is the preferred weekly newspaper

·         It affects different segments of the population including top executives, office workers, professionals, and  those with high purchasing power


Advertising in l'express Dimanche

l'express Dimanche offers a wide choice of ads. From the front page, the specific pages, the last page to the brochures or infomercials, everything is possible! Contact us for more information on available advertising space and start booking the best space to attract as many readers to your product.



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