• The favorite newspaper of Mauritius, far exceeding its competitors
  • Provided in 20,000 copies and sold in 700 outlets
  • Read daily by more than 100,000 people aged 13 and over

l'express a daily newspaper best known for its editorial independence and  is published in large format. It actually provides a very rich content, clear, with a variety of specific subjects every day.

The advantages of l'express

  • This publication is popular among men as among women
  • Appreciated in urban and rural areas
  • It is read by all communities combined
  • l’express has an exceptional level of audience among the categories to higher revenues; Target coveted by advertisers because of their purchasing power

Advertising in l’express

There are several ways to increase your visibility in l’express, including the A, inside pages, in specific page and the last page. You can also apply for a brochure, a fact sheet for an infomercial or a design artwork. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to enlighten you.

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