L'express Turf

  •  A specialized magazine
  • Published only during equestrian season
  • Issued at 23 000 copies each week

L’express Turf is the leading equestrian weekly magazine of la Sentinelle group, since its inception in the late 90's. It is definitely the punter’s best ally throughout the whole racing season, Turf is a must if you want to be close to your target.

Advantages of l’express Turf

  • The most ideal tool to target punters
  • Belongs to a specific and identifiable audience
  • A well-known and well-read magazine

Advertising spaces in l’express Turf

Place your ad in the heart of the equestrian events on either the first page, inside pages, specific page or back page. Your brand will vibrate to the rhythm of racing, obtaining a privileged place in the consumer's mind. Get maximum visibility within a typical activity of the Mauritian folklore.

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