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Native Advertising is a new form of online advertising that blends in the shape and function of the platform on which it appears. The term "native" refers to the consistency of the content with other media on the platform.

The key word of this new form of advertising is: subtlety.

In order to make the least intrusive advertising, content is dressed in an editorial context likely to attract a wide audience and increase the chance that the Native Ad be seen by the maximum possible consumers.

Subsequently, the more clicks it will receive, the more the brand and the product will be exposed.

The benefits observed with this type of advertising are :

Unlike other types of advertisements, the Native Advertising is also a more pliable form after publication. Indeed, you will have the possibility to share it wherever you want to ; social media, blogs, or on its own website. The advertising impact is clearly more consistent.

A stronger link is created between the brand and the user (Brand-Loyalty) as the product is integrated into the heart of the consumer’s interest. The advertising effectiveness is increased tenfold by the editorial line, which helps extend consumer engagement.

The Native Advertising allows permeable communication between advertisers and consumers targeted through the specific content of contribution, which is also richer in terms of information. 

(Note that we can write up to 700 words per 600 Native Advertising)

Depending on your target, it is possible to adapt various angles to maximize the accessibility of consumers to different types of campaigns, or produced to highlight. The Native Advertising helps refresh and reinvigorate  the world of advertising, while providing more to the user.

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