Spot radio advertising

• Quick and concise, it has the potential to mark the minds of Internet users

• Lasting 10 seconds, your message can be quickly conveyed

• Ideal for all types of announcement/ads

Our web radio, popularly known as LSL Radio offers several broadcasts: news, talk and entertainment among others. Using SoundCloud technology, our web radio is listened to by a large number of users online. We register 464,000 of plays per month. If you want to be heard, this is where you should be heard!

We offer the possibility to broadcast an advertisement in the beginning and at the end of any of our transmissions, for a period of 10 seconds. Ideal for announcement of any kind: opening of a new store or launching of a new product ... your advertising spot will be very well highlighted.

Note : a monthly package can provide up to 4 different advertising spot.

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